Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Family Business Killing Me

I still thinking about myself. What I did and what should I do now. I ran business since 2006 and I do not have any money right now. Open and growing business with family I think is the best at the first time I walk into this field. Then I merged mine with my father printing company into one brand. I am succeed make the brand known by local people and companies here. We are have a great brand with lots of order every week.

I need three years to made it. And I was proud about it. Friends know about the story too, they are alwyas ask for advice or tell their small business problem, we are chat until we found solution. I think I am in good position where I will never run out of money. But the fact is different. Since my sister is also in. And she become the father's hand we are equal and we have a lot of problem about next direction for the company. Because I care about her, I always stand back everytime we are arguing and let her win.

Now is eight years since the first time I have this company. But unfortunately I never get my share. I can not push too hard, this because the family connections. I do not want this blood link broke up and become an evil because of money. I never think this will happen to me. Since I built it myself, promote every where in every media that available and pick up order in every chance I got. I can made it big.

But they are does not care. I put my self there, handle order, promote, put my all of my own money there but I did not get return at all. Even my investment there is gone like a smoke. In total I put 55m for them from the beginning until 2011.

It is hard to believe, now I do not have money, cars even a bicycle. I can not buy new clothes, visit friends or anything I like because I do not have money to do that. I really depressed. I talk to father and sister about this and they are does not care. They said, that was the past.

Upset, depress and hopeless.

I start to run new one in next few days, I learn a lot from that. I hope I can get my best nose hair trimmer business running well because I use bank money to start this and I never ever merge it again.